Adesola with Lord Sebastian Coe, President of the IAAF

We Catch Up with S-Factor Academy Alumni

Adesola Ojemakinde!


Adesola, when did you first become involved with S-Factor?

I have been involved with S-Factor since its inception. I was one of the original athletes and even helped with the design of the previous S-Factor logo.

How did you hear of (or come to be involved with) the club?

I heard about the club through Lisa Miller, the Founder and Director of S-Factor. She was involved with an after-school athletics programme with my secondary school, Prendergast Ladywell Fields School.

What are/were your favourite disciplines (what track/field events have you tried and which are/were your preferred ones)?

My favourite discipline was Long Jump. However, I really enjoyed and often took part in the High Jump and 4x100m sprint relay.

What has been your biggest achievement in connection with S-Factor?

My biggest achievements include: winning a Bronze medal at the London School Championships 2011, Winning the S-Factor 2011 Top Field Senior Athlete and transitioning from an athlete to an athletes’ liaison. Becoming an athletes’ liaison allowed me to acquire transferable skills, such as Presentation and Time management, for a working environment and educational career.  

If you could give the young athletes at S-Factor Academy any advice, what would it be?

The discipline you learn from being an athlete is second to none. It will help with many aspects of your life.

Also, keep in contact with the coaches and the support staff at S-Factor, they are wonderful people with a wealth of a knowledge about all aspects of life, not just athletics.

At what stage are you in your academic journey – what was your last academic qualification (e.g. A-levels, Degree, Masters etc.) and in what subject area?

Currently, I am studying for a masters in Environment, Development and Policy at the University of Sussex.

What are your career aspirations?

I hope work within the field of International Development with a focus on the sustainability of the physical environment within developing nations.

What are your next steps?

My next step will be finishing my masters and gaining some more work experience for my chosen career.