Saturday 11th November saw Team S-Factor participate in the KCC League’s third fixture at Footscray Meadows in Bexley.

The day saw running conditions return to the more damp, cold and muddy environment we traditionally associate with cross country running –  perfect!    🙂

We formally welcomed a new addition to Team S-Factor, James Lawson (featured image) who turned the minimum participant age, 11yrs old, just the previous day. James was nervous before his race but his team buddy Sam Long reassured him and gave him tips for participating in the U13 boys – and he did a fantastic job making it around the course in a respectable position.

More generally, we saw solid performances all round and Coach Rob was pleased that all of the team matched if not improved on their performances in the league to date!

We have to give a huge shout out to SAM LONG who has made an astonishing improvement – beginning his long distance journey from previous years finishing in the 50s to making it into the top 20 finishers this time round – reaching the level for potential selection to run for Kent County. WELL DONE SAM, an incredible improvement!

Let’s give the entire team a round of applause – they did us proud!


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