We are excited to announce that Khuwayne Linton has been appointed to the England Athletics Youth Panel: https://www.englandathletics.org/youth-panel

Khuwayne has been seeking to make a difference within athletics for the past few years, having previously run for Lewisham’s Young Mayor and including a clear vision for local athletics in his manifesto. As a keen athlete, he helps as the club’s fixtures champion. He is currently studying for a B-Tech in Performing Arts and at 16 years old, he is currently the youngest member on the panel and the only BME panel member!

With a seat at the table Khuwayne hopes to make a difference by better highlighting and clearly showing the benefits of athletics to children and young people. We wish him well as he gives S-Factor Academy a voice in discussions at EA panel meetings to help shape the future of athletics and have a direct impact on its development and delivery.  

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