S-Factor Academy is lending its support to one of our longstanding young athletes, Khuwayne Linton in his campaign to be this year’s Young Mayor.

Khuwayne, who did very well in his GCSE’s this year (congratulations :-)) joined us in early 2014 and has been a motivated athlete with consistent attendance and an enthusiastic competitor for the club ever since – often attending external competitions on behalf of the club where no other athletes are participating. In fact he is the current club record holder for shot put MU17.

Tenacious as ever, this will be Khuwayne’s third attempt at becoming Lewisham’s Young Mayor, and he is more determined and focused than ever! If elected he hopes to:

  • create more sports tournaments, giving more players and athletes opportunities to compete against fellow schools;
  • have more music showcases to display the talents of young people; and
  • provide more career opportunities such as work experience, interviews and guidance for young people seeking a career pathway after education.

As an S-Factor ambassador we are right behind him in his quest to lobby Lewisham into dedicating more time and resource into sports tournaments between Lewisham schools! We would gladly welcome an injection of investment in athletics and more promotion.

PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM! Anyone aged between 11–17yrs who lives, works or studies in Lewisham can vote in the election on 11 October 2017. Everyone in a secondary school or sixth form college will be allowed to vote in a polling station at their school or college on polling day and will be given a ballot paper and asked to cast their vote for first and second choices for Young Mayor.

For more information on Khuwayne’s campaign see:

Khuwayne’s Campaign Page: http://khuwaynelinton.wixsite.com/youngmayorcampaign

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/KhuwayneLintonYoungMayor/?ref=bookmarks

Lewisham Website: https://www.lewisham.gov.uk/mayorandcouncil/youngmayor/Pages/Young-Mayor-candidates.aspx


Khuwayne is a great role model for our younger athletes and we wish him every success in his campaign!

Khuwayne Linton – Current U17 Shot Record Holder


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