Dear S-Factor Members
As we continue to adjust to these unprecedented times, we encourage you all to stay positive and keep active while we all stay safe by adhering to social distancing rules.
With so many high profile sporting events cancelled this year due to COVID-19, including the Olympics, now more than ever it’s important to stay engaged and where possible adopt a regime that keeps athletes motivated.
We want you to stay in touch with us – you can follow the club on our various social media outlets Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as joining our main Communications WhatsApp Group (or any one of our individual groups for Juniors, Seniors or Inclusive) for regular updates, positive messages, physical challenges and solo training ideas – whether this be in your homes, in your gardens, balconies or on your daily run.
Please do also share with us your own positive training stories over the coming weeks and months – to give ideas and inspiration to the rest of us in the S-Factor Family!
Last but not least, athletes should feel free to reach out to their respective coaches for any training specific questions or tips!
As of today we do not know how long this adjustment will continue – but we know it will be over at some point, hopefully soon – so in the meantime let’s adapt and encourage each other to maintain healthy bodies and positive minds!
To join any of our WhatsApp groups – please send a text message to 07789364622 (please include your name and state the group you would like to join “main communications” “seniors” “juniors” or ‘inclusive”).
You can also follow us on social media on the following links:
If you have any queries regarding the club – please contact us either on the Main Comms WhatsApp group or email us at admin@wordpress-768913-2617161.cloudwaysapps.com.
Take care and stay safe!
S-Factor Committee. 
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