To celebrate its six years, S-Factor Academy unveils its new logo today.

The new logo draws attention to its athletics roots by incorporating the original celebratory “running man”.  Connected to the “running man” is a large “S” which symbolises the athletes’ unique “S-Factor”.

The logo retains its club colours black and yellow, and promotes new font in Eurostyle Extended Bold.

It will appear on S-Factor Academy’s new website, merchandise and various communications material, all to be launched this July 2016.

“There is no better time than now for a fresh face,” Welfare Officer, Stephanie Hanson, said.  “Our staff and membership all are in support of the new logo, which reflects a new era for the club whilst honouring the values on why it was formed.”

S-Factor Academy’s rebranding represents its on-going dedication to young people where sport is used as a tool to enhance life skills.