Renewal Membership

Renewal Junior Membership (£50)

Renewal Senior Membership (£60)

Renewal Student Membership (£30)

Second Claim Membership (£35)

New Membership

New Junior Membership (£60)

New Senior Membership (£70)

New Student Membership (£40)

You can make payments via PayPal above:

To pay for your training fees (£6 for non-members per session, £4 for members per session, £3.50 per session for our Inclusive athletes or for children of volunteers), we accept cash or card payment on the day.

For membership fees, we accept cash or card payment at our registration desk, or you can pay via PayPal using our name “S-Factor Academy” or the email address.

We accept donations too using the same account details (please state your full name and either “General Donation” or “Donation” along with the particular programme or club division that you wish to support e.g. “Donation – Reward Scheme”) – or you can donate directly using PayPal here!

For further information on donating to S-Factor Academy and its programmes – please see our Donation page.