The S-Factor Academy Reward Scheme aims to reward and incentivise athletes who show promise, motivation, commitment or outstanding potential.


We seek to incentivise regular attendance, particularly for those who are new to sports, to help establish a routine and benefit from longer-term results. After all, athletics is great for health, fitness and general mental and physical wellbeing, whether or not you seek to compete or become an elite athlete.

Level 1

New joiners will be eligible for a Level 1 Reward after their first 5 sessions (includes free stationery, water bottles, sweat bands, drawstring bags, t-shirts, and more).

Level 2

Those who attend for a further 5 sessions beyond Level 1 will be eligible for a Level 2 Reward (membership discounts, high street vouchers (sports, fashion, technology)).

Our attendance rewards vary from time to time so watch this space for updates.



Please also see our Gifted & Talented section in relation to outstanding athletic performance.



As we are an academy, we also reward wider aspects of developmental achievement – in particular, academic achievement. We strive to retain the relationships we have cultivated with our athletes and encourage them to remain engaged with the club in the event they need to suspend their focus on training to focus on studies. They in turn become role models for the younger athletes and often times remain with us a volunteer capacity helping to motivate their younger counterparts.

We will recognise and reward athletes and alumni* at the following milestones:

Winner of the Academic Achievement Award (best grades within the club at A-Level): £50

Attending University (first year): £50

Attaining a Degree: £100

Embarking on any Post Graduate Course (first year): £200



Beyond this, individual athletes are periodically rewarded, at the discretion of their coaches, for various achievements such as setting new club records, great results at competitions, most competitions attended, consistent club attendance, personal bests and more. The categories are unique and varied, just like our athletes.


*Subject to the alumni athlete remaining engaged with the club in some capacity.