S-FACTOR ACADEMY held an Awards Evening on Saturday 25th November 2017 in honour of our members. Hosted at Bonus Pastor Catholic College in Bromley, this was our first Awards Evening since 2013 and was an evening of reward, recognition, inspiration and entertainment and we hope all who joined us for the celebrations left with a spring in their step, feeling motivated!

The proceedings, led by our engaging hosts Adesola Ojemakinde and Dami Makinde, began with a bang after drinks and dinner with a lively, fun performance from KB, of “Move with KB” a well-known afro-beats dancer who has appeared in a number of music videos.

Then through watching archive video footage, we were reminded of the inspiring and incredible careers of our Olympian Ambassadors Christine Ohuruogu and Ade Adepitan who were on hand to present our athletes with their trophies. We were also honoured to have radio DJ, TV Presenter and Head of Peckham BMX “CK Flash” who provided some words of encouragement and wisdom for our young athletes. CK Flash transformed wasteland in Peckham into the grounds of the UK’s number 1 BMX club, home to some 70% of the British cycling team. Also on hand to encourage our athletes was one of our principal stakeholders Chris Grant, CEO of Sported, an independent national sporting charity which currently supports over 3,000 community groups in the UK. Chris also sits on the board of Sport England.

Other notable performances of the evening came from the young talented artist Skylar Lawson, who sang two beautiful acoustic songs, playing her guitar (definitely one to watch!) and Donovan Haffner an incredible 16 year old student who has graced the stage at Ronnie Scotts. Donovan mesmerised the audience with his saxophone, playing two jazz numbers. Our final performance of the night was a rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” – sung by our very own Kerlis Norbal.

Our key note speech of the evening came from Ade Adepitan who moved the audience relaying his poignant journey from the child born in Nigeria and struck with polio to Olympic level wheelchair basketball champion! His story is truly amazing and reminded us all that the seemingly ‘impossible’ is never that, with the right level of focus, hard work and opportunity.

The evening ended with Mr Stuart Ashby (honorary namesake for our MVP award of the evening) giving an insight into the athletics journey of S-Factor Academy’s founder, Lisa Miller, former GB athlete and Commonwealth Games Silver medallist!

Lisa captivated the audience with her heart-warming speech relaying the beginnings of S-Factor Academy, her vision for the first Junior athletics club in South London and the club’s ethos, which is to use athletics holistically to develop not only athleticism in our athletes but to also provide them with invaluable life skills, making them the very best, well-rounded individuals that they can be. Our next generation!


S-Factor Academy would not be what it is without our STARS OF THE NIGHT, our AMAZING ATHLETES. The full list of winners follows, along with a selection of photos from the event, but not before giving a SPECIAL MENTION to this year’s winner of the STUART ASHBY (MPV) AWARD, one of the most inspiring and incredible young athletes to join S-Factor Academy, who has captured our hearts since he joined us this summer: CALLUM CLARK.

Congratulations Callum – we salute you!


  1. Spirit Award Inclusive Male
    Callum Clark
  2. Spirit Award Inclusive Female
    Amy Jobe
  3. Spirit Award Junior
    Male Epheson Berhe
  4. Spirit Award Junior Female
    Logan Webster
  5. Spirit Award Senior Male
    Stefano Bertero
  6. Spirit Award Senior Female
    Breyanna Smith
  7. Most Improved Athlete Inclusive Junior
    Maksim Folic
  8. Most Improved Athlete Senior Inclusive
    Oviya Suthaharan
  9. Most Improved Athlete Junior Male
    Theodore Benjamin
  10. Most Improved Athlete Junior Female
    Esme Aye Kume
  11. Most Improved Athlete Senior Male
    Mohamed Elmi
  12. Most Improved Athlete Senior Female
    Kyra Jackson-Brett
  13. Top Track Athlete Inclusive Junior
    Che Pal Frey
  14. Top Track Athlete Inclusive Senior Male
    David Austin
  15. Top Track Athlete Inclusive Senior Female
    Jessica Howard
  16. Top Track Athlete Junior Male
    Mason Rhoomes
  17. Top Track Athlete Junior Female
    Elena Oliphant
  18. Top Track Athlete Senior Female
    Zena-Marie Glanville
  19. Top Field Athlete Inclusive Junior
    Nathaniel Roberts
  20. Top Field Athlete Inclusive Senior
    Jack Thomas-Sanders
  21. Top Field Athlete Junior Male
    Austin Edwards
  22. Top Field Athlete Junior Female
    Jordanna Harrison-Ivanova
  23. Top Field Athlete Senior
    Imani Rupert Em Hru
  24. Top All Round Athlete Inclusive Junior
    Reuben Gayle
  25. Top All Round Athlete Inclusive Senior
    Jake Folic
  26. Top All Round Athlete Junior Male
    Beron Stephenson
  27. Top All Round Athlete Junior Female
    Rosheniqua McPherson
  28. Top All Round Athlete Senior
    Sam Long
  29. Top Cross Country Junior
    James Lawson
  30. Top Cross Country Senior Male
    Sam Long
  31. Top Cross Country Female
    Robin Hallett
  32. Best Newcomer Male
    Tobias Seales
  33. Best Newcomer Female
    Zena-Marie Glanville
  34. Top Sports Leader (Mainstream)
    Noeilla Muse
  35. Top Sports Leader (Inclusive)
    Sneka Suthaharan
  36. Academic Achievement – 2nd Runner up
    Darni Solanke
  37. Academic Achievement – Runner Up
    Dre Solanke
  38. Academic Achievement – Winner
    Alan Taylor
  39. Coach of the Year (Inclusive)
    Adam Thomas
  40. Coach of the Year (Junior)
    Darren Brown
  41. Coach of the Year (Senior)
    Robert Mason
  42. Volunteer of the Year
    Jennifer Campbell
  43. Stuart Ashby Award (MVP)
    Callum Clark

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Special thanks goes to Jonathan Ronan and Martin Cann of Bonus Pastor Catholic College, and to the other sponsors of the evening: