Dear Parents and Athletes,

We hope you have stayed healthy and fit during these past few months. As we slowly emerge from the lockdown, we have some new and exciting changes to announce.

We previously announced in February that key changes have taken place within the club’s structure to acknowledge the next phase in S-Factor’s journey – most recently the appointment of Johnathan Regis as Club Manager.

Following Johnathan’s appointment, the Committee has further reshuffled and appointed a new Chair, Lorna Griffiths, who takes the reins from Stephanie Hanson who is stepping back after six years with the club.

Lorna will be integral in keeping the wheels churning behind the scenes, will be the owner of the club’s governance procedures, policies and volunteer management. Lorna will also be the main contact for England Athletics, our funders and other strategic stakeholders.

Johnathan will continue to be pivotal in driving the club forward and overseeing our roadmap for growth in 2020 and beyond. He will be the club ambassador cultivating our existing relationships with local schools, leagues, and other club facilitators.

We would also like say a special THANK YOU to Toria Trinity (known as ‘Vicky’) who has also been an integral and valuable member of our Inclusive Team, volunteering alongside Adam Thomas and the Inclusive young leaders every Saturday, for over six years.
Our newly constituted Management Team will consist of:

• Chair – Lorna Griffiths
• Club Manager – Johnathan Regis
• Head Coach – Mensah Elliott
• Club Secretary – Jennifer Campbell
• Treasurer – Guglielmo Volpe
• Safeguarding Officer – Monica Drummond


We are in the process of streamlining processes (such as online payment of training fees) as well as rolling out new club kit items which will be available on our web-shop for direct purchase very shortly.

You might have also noticed that we have renewed our brand with a NEW LOGO which more clearly articulates who we are and what we do.

This is just the beginning of our relaunch; we plan to finish our 10-year anniversary year on a high, and with our newly formed Management Team, S-Factor is on track for an incredible future!

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