Training and competing in the summer in the UK can be glorious, but when you are wrapped up under layer upon layer and in need of Vitamin D, crucial for performance, S-Factor Academy is able to arrange for warm weather training for those who are interested, and for our Gifted and Talented athletes.

There are many benefits to training abroad than just good temperatures.

In the warm weather muscles are more pliable and many of the benefits of warm weather training are psychological. Training away from the normal routine can give athletes the space to refocus on their goals and objectives. Often athletes suffer from a mid-winter lull but exploring new training rides and meeting new people can give an athlete a much-needed boost.

Warm weather training enables our athletes to train more consistently at higher intensities compared to regular training back in the UK. They are in a better environment. Facilities are often superior and the camps allow a high quality and greater volume of training.

The camps have fewer distractions. Training abroad creates a more ambient environment, rich in Vitamin D, and it increases their attention span to high-quality training. Our coaches are also less distracted from daily living and this typically creates a stronger coach-athlete relationship.

S-Factor, via our partner Arco Sports Tours, arranges warm weather training (WWT) on or around the Easter half term break. Depending on the athletes’ level the WWT will be either one or two weeks.

We endeavour to secure a WWT package for each athlete for roughly £500 for one week (half board) or £700 for one week (full board) – dependent on availability (flights included). Expressions of interest should be given by end of January in the relevant year along with a 50% deposit. If there are any problems regarding payment please speak to your coach – or if you need any further information please contact us at or

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