“I’d just finished my GCSEs at Deptford Green School and was due to begin my A-levels in Sociology, Government and Politics, English (at AS level, I did philosophy) when I joined S-Factor Academy for week’s work experience, which was an incredible and memorable opportunity.

“The work experience was a weeklong placement as a volunteer with the London Organising Committee of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games. My role included office work in their transport and communications departments. In the Transport Department, I gained insight into areas such as transport and logistics, e.g. providing specialised transport for athletes as well as for spectators. In the Communications Department, I learned the many forms of technology support the Games would require.

“Whilst at S-Factor Academy, I also took part in a couple of competitions, my main strength was in sprints.

“My work experience at S-Factor Academy encouraged team work and helped to build my confidence and develop my communication skills. These skills have been very helpful in various other aspects of my life. I have recently graduated from university where I studied international politics and sociology, and am now working in retail part time whilst pursuing a graduate career role.

“I would definitely recommend S-Factor Academy to others looking to gain work experience as it is a great stepping stone for the future. You will learn great skills that can be reapplied into life and have fun at the same time, whilst meeting some wonderful people!”

– Rochelle Giddens